We are girldads.

girldads is a place for fathers, specifically to daughters, who want to wear their role proudly on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or a hat.

While this is an apparel site, it is so much more than that. It will also be place for our fellow girldads to share stories about their daughters and their incredible connections.

It is a place where fathers and daughters are celebrated, building a community from all over the world.

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Our story

Based in Reno, Nevada, we are a team built on strong values and morals when it comes to raising determined and self-confident daughters. Our founder is a girldad and is so proud of the role. He wanted to create a brand so other girldads can wear their love loud and proud.

Plus, girldad apparel makes for great gifts for the girldad in your life. Whether you’re a wife, partner, or a daughter, get your girldad something he’ll be proud to wear!

the perfect girldads gifts

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