girldads celebrates the special connection between daughters and dads and welcomes you to wear your heart on your sleeve. It’s time to proudly exclaim your identity as a “girldad.”

randy sitting down with his young daughter charlie learning to walk

Randy + Charlie

"Every day is a new adventure!"

mark and his daughter maddie

Mark + Maddie

"It’s all about the hugs!"

mike with his daughter jade holding out her fingers with tattoos

Mike + Jade

"Watching her grow up into a beautiful woman is an incredible experience."

jonathan smiling at his young daughter wrenn

Jonathan + Wrenn

"The world is big, but that doesn’t make her insignificant."

john standing next to his daughter aslyn

John + Ashlyn

"She's so much smarter than I ever was or will be."

patt sitting with his daughter farrah standing behind him and hugging him

Patt + Farrah

"She is the light in my life, always and forever."

jeff with his daughter erika

Jeff + Erika

"Being a father to a daughter is the greatest gift of my life."

Moffets + Bebouts

"Raising our daughters to be open-minded and considerate is what we live for."

Jeff, Whitney, and Lindsey laughing together

Jeff + Whitney + Lindsey

"It’s totally rewarding to experience life through the eyes of a daughter."

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